Opportunity Definition

Capture market appreciation across a wide range of crypto assets, combined with a smart layer reducing overall drawdown and volatility

ODIN88 Elite Crypto Smart Tokens gives you instant access to a wide basket of crypto asset coupled to a smart exposure layer.

What's Inside?

This strategy not only includes a dynamically rebalanced wide selection of coins, but also includes a smart optimization layer seeking to reduce overall coin exposure when markets go down


One easy tool to capture returns from most of the total crypto market capitalization while reducing portfolio volatility

Who is it for?

For investors seeking an easy way to access returns from a wide basket of coins, while enjoying a reduced volatility

Strategy Highlights

Crypto growth with brains

Wider Crypto Exposure

Capture market appreciation across a wider range of crypto assets, with an exposure to more than 90% of the market capitalization of crypto (excluding stablecoins), dynamically rebalanced

Smart Layer

Strategy includes a smart optimization layer, notably seeking to reduce overall coin exposure when markets go down

Risk Control

We control investment risk through a combination of portfolio optimization, diversification guidelines and drawdown controls. Operationally, we use only the most reliable platforms as well as best practices and protocols to receive, buy, hold, sell and send digital assets

We have “skin-in-the-game”

We have tested our portfolio with our own assets and remain invested in our funds, by your side

Investment Process

We believe in thorough research and disciplined application of time-tested investment methodologies. These do wonders when applied to crypto and blockchain assets


ODIN88 engages in continuous analysis of both the general market characteristics and the strategies most apt to capture market opportunities


We monitor 1,000+ strategies in the Blockchain and Cryptocurrency ecosystem


The most promising strategies undergo quantitative and qualitative analyses before they can qualify for our portfolio


The allocation to each crypto asset is periodically rebalanced to account for new entrants, exits and respective changes in value within the portfolio


WThe smart optimization layer will lead the portfolio to increase or reduce the overall coin exposure as a function of market dynamics (ex: reduce allocation when markets go down)


Our investors receive monthly statements detailing the performance of their investment from an independent performance calculation company. Our fund also undergoes yearly independent audits

Key Investment Information

ODIN88 Elite Crypto Smart Tokens

Investor Net Target Return +40% net of fees
Minimum Initial Investment $100k
Minimum Investment Period 12 months
Entry Fee 0%
Management Fee 2%
Incentive Fee 10% with HWM
Exit Fee 0%
NAV Calculation and Reporting Monthly, usually with a one-month lag
Fund Administration Theorem Fund Services
Recommended Investment Period ≥ 36 months


Net annual investor target


Minimum Initial Investment

12 months

Minimum Investment Period

The common benefits of the Series

Robust research and optimization processes leveraging an investible universe of over 1,000 strategies

Extensive qualitative & quantitative due diligence

Portfolio diversification benefits with uncorrelated, absolute returns over a market cycle with a definable, repeatable process

Secured low fees, capacity and deployment bandwidth

Built-in resilience to stress events over time

Fund set-up designed with the institutional investor in mind

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