Opportunity Definition

We find for you the best investment opportunities in Real Estate Entitlement and Construction

In hard-to-find and hard-to-entitle areas such as the San Francisco Bay Area, a niche real estate market is created. Too small for large players to deploy meaningful capital, inefficient enough for abnormal returns. The right sourcing, entitlement and construction provide extremely desirable real estate opportunities.



Exceptional properties

Target Investor IRR above 30%

Quick exit 2-3 years

Higher Risk



Exceptional properties

Target Investor IRR 12-18%

Quick exit 3 years

Lower Risk

How to participate

How to participate

Choose Entitlement or Construction

Send an Indication of Interest

Commitment from $100k to $100m

Strategy Highlights

ODIN88 Real Estate Strategy : High-demand Entitlement and Construction

High Target Returns

We chose to do it because it's hard. Focus on hard-to-find and hard-to-entitle areas such as the San Francisco Bay Area. Entitlements in San Francisco and Berkeley deliver some of the most rewarding returns in the US

Track Record

We closed our fifth successful real estate entitlement project in the San Francisco Bay area, with past annual returns ranging from 18% to 45%

Niche Market

Entitlement is long, difficult and requires only mid-size investments. These features are unattractive to the usual real estate players, resulting in a niche market inefficient enough for abnormal returns

Downstream Opportunities

Entitlement provides the opportunity to seize constructions opportunities before they come to the market, to build the project and create for our investors an income producing portfolio

Investment Process

Achieve better real estate returns with our real estate entitlement and construction strategies


Together with our partners and a combination of qualitative and quantitative analysis, we source the best opportunities in hard-to-entitle areas, currently in San Francisco and Berkeley


We secure an option to buy the selected property and negotiate entitlement directly with the city


>We launch the core entitlement phase, which can range from 1 to 3 years, with an average around 27 months


Once the property is fully entitled, we activate the property buy-option and resell the now-entitled project to a third-party developer at a profit


Investors get their funds back within approximately 60 days of the sale


After the entitlements are secured, our investors sometimes have the opportunity to participate in the construction phase and build a real estate income portfolio

Key Investment Information

Fund Highlights

Fund Name ODIN88 Real Estate Fund
Fund Type US Delaware Multi-Series Fund
Structure Ltd Partnership
Accepted Investors Worldwide
U.S. Investors Segregated Yes, via U.S. Feeder
Currency USD
Fund Administration Theorem Fund Services
Audit Berkower LLC
Banks Signature Bank
Compliance RIA in a Box, ACA Compliance
Counsels Barbieri

20 to +50% IRR

Net annual investor target


Minimum Initial Investment

Project based

Minimum Investment Period

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